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Crafting a distinctive musical identity, complementing Country music with her riveting and engaging musical narrations, rising artist Kristen Tuff Scott is driven for growth and success.

Up-and-coming singer and songwriter Kristen Tuff Scott is an authentic force in the dynamic world of Country music, rooted within enriching real-life narratives and experiences. A talented and empowering singer, Kristen Tuff Scott is also a comedian who rose to fame with her breakthrough performance on CMT’s RedneckIsland, stunning audiences with her humor.

Hailing from Piggott, Arkansas, the budding singer is known for her characteristic usage of stories and personal experiences to infuse her songwriting with a unique individuality and character. Using music as a channel to voice her issues, highlight her life stories and inspire creativity, the rising artist isa true storyteller. Kristen boasts a stirring discography which has more than100 original songs, emphasizing and underscoring her unending passion for music.

Kristen Tuff Scott’s music is set apart from other Country artists, due to the rich and captivating lyricism it embodies, immersing listeners in the depths of a whole different ambient setting. The growing artist has continued to rise, amassing millions of fans over her musical voyage, by simply producing music, which is rich, raw and unfiltered. A complete package, Kristen continues to inspire optimism, spur laughter, and touch hearts and souls with her inimitable music.

The phenomenal singer’s music journey pays homage to her roots, coming from a lineage of farmers, and working her way up to the top through sweat, blood and tears. Apart from her songwriting prowess, Kristen also enthralls with her instrumental genius, playing guitar, and with her rousing vocals. Her refreshing breakthrough single “Grandpa” rose to rank at 10 on the coveted iTunes Charts, a remarkable feat which she achieved right after getting into music. “Grandpa” reflected a nostalgic and wistful recollection, written in the 24 hours after he passed away. Kristen Tuff Scott is currently doing music and comedy gigs. You never know where she may pop up!